Before you choose a side, understand both!

Production Crew
Executive Producer(s): Channing Hughes, John Wayne S. III & Alonzo McCarty
Production Company: Londyn Town Pictures & Clarity Film Partners
Producer(s) : John Wayne S. III , Harvey Clemons Jr & Elanor Jones
Casting Director: Heather Simpson & Shon Middlebrooks
Director: John Wayne S. III
1st Assistant Director: Brent Duncan
Line Producer: Erica Olivarez
Writer: Cess Black & John Wayne S. III
Director of Photography: Colemar Nichols
Location: Houston, TX 5th Ward
Production Status: Post

Clarity Film Partners, LLC  2013-16

Seventeen year-old Red Wright is a lost child on his way to self-destruction.  His hard-knock life is a whirlwind of failure due to his neglectful parents and a relentless school bully who won’t back down.  Red finds comfort in his older brother KJ, his friend Rahjer, and the pages of his secret notebook, filled with thought-provoking haikus and significant views of Red’s poignant life.

Angel Bailios is one of Red’s popular classmates at Stevenson High.  Pretty and smart, she dates the well-admired jock “Big” Chris Mateo, although she disapproves of how he treats Red.  Eventually the three students meet on a collision course of disaster which takes the rest of their worlds on a wild ride of self-awareness, betrayal, and overcoming adversity in the face of today’s gun violence issue.

Red All Over is a stark observation into the other side of an often untold story.  Take a look at life through Red’s gritty eyes, and what is seen will never be the same.